Haydn Anthony History and Bio


  • Ueno Museum – Tokyo Oils
  • Yoseido Gallery – Tokyo--Oils
  • International Gallery – Taiwan - Oils
  • Shuri Museum – Okinawa – Oils
  • Arizona Visionary Art- Group show.
  • Museo de Arte – Mexico - Oils
  • Jayne Baum Gallery – New York - Acrylic
  • Scottsdale Center for the Arts – Arizona - Archetype Paintings-Oils
  • Phoenix Civic Center – Arizona - Acrylics and history of projects display
  • Hague ( Los Angeles Museum of Art slide presentation) Visionary Art
  • Vienna Austria – Legacy of Light- Visionary Art
  • Bavaria, Slide presentation retro.
  • Moscow Russia – Archetypes and video speech
Haydn Anthony

Private and Corporate Collections U.S.A, Jordan, Egypt, Israel, Okinawa, India, United Kingdom

Paintings Partial List

Oil, Acrylic, Mixed Media, Metal Engraving

1968-2018      Synesthesia series; Archetype group; Glyphs, Geometric series; Infinity Field series;

Time/Space/Motion series; Orders series; Convergences series; Beyond Duality series; Paradox Shift series; The Diagrams; Spiral Icon series; 7x7 series; Approaching Conscious Brightness series; Portals series, Sentinels group, Freedom group, Axis, Forces and Burn Up, No Reference point, Gateless Gate.

Cultural Projects: Peace Emissary

1969     POW/MIA, projects. .Designed original flag.
1979     U.S.A. Represented the Arts at the World Symposium on Humanity. Created “Peace Scroll” signed by 1,500 citizens.
1981     Cairo, Egypt Introduced architectural design concept for President Anwar Sadat’s Sinai project called “Point of Peace.”
1982     Washington, DC Presented architectural model “Point of Peace” for Sinai and the painting “Diamond Point of Peace” to the cabinet of Hosni Mubarak. Sent “David’s Diamond Star” painting to Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin.
1983     Created “Dome of The Rock” painting given to King Hussein of Jordan.
1983     U.S.A. Scottsdale Center for the Arts Multi- Media production.
1985     U.S.A. Delegate to the North American/Soviet Peace Congress.
1991     Jordan. Introduced the revised “Point of Peace” architectural concept to King Hussein.
1993     Al Rashid, Egypt The Stone Project, Location #1.  U.S.A. The Stone Project, Location #2, The United Nations building.
2003     U.S.A. Designed “Point of Peace” architectural revision proposed for the World Trade Center Memorial site, New York.
2005     U.S.A. Founded the Great Hearts Afire Foundation, a non-profit organization.
2005     Honolulu, Hawaii The Shell/Stone Project 11/11/05.
2007-2016     Uganda, Africa Kayazanga Project. Bright Heart Children’s orphanage and educational program.
2013-2018     U.S.A and AFRICA. Authored Bright Heart Children textbooks. Received Honors


  • “Eyes of the Soul”, 11:11 magazine, Visionary Art Awards prints Moscow
  • Legacy of Light, Vienna Austria

Memoir: “Loved to Death.” Soon to be released.