Artist’s Statement

Haydn Anthony

I did not enter into the world of art in any traditional or formal way. It was through rather unusual circumstances that my art emerged at all and continues to this day. In fact, I have never considered myself to be an artist, but rather someone who translates images that occur naturally within my inner eye. I do not use mind altering substances.

The first circumstance that gave birth to the art I create is the experience of Synesthesia. I have experienced the phenomenon of sound and color being counterpart to one another since I was a child. My first paintings were translations of music into color and form on canvas. These were painted in Asia and shown throughout Museums there.

The second circumstance was a transformative event that happened in early adulthood. The experience created a radical shift in perception and reality sometimes referred to as an Awakening. At that point brilliant visions of Archetypes emerged within my inner field of vision over a period of months. My second group of paintings were detailed translations of these visions.

The third circumstance resulted from the Awakening. That event prompted my desire for all people to realize the Ultimate Truth within themselves. This Truth is fundamental to all cultures and religions and is common to all people. All my art and projects are directed toward doing work that points toward this fundamental truth.

A fourth unusual circumstance is the fact that I have received no formal art education although I have had two fine mentors; Prof. Philip Rubinov Jacobson and Prof. Kensai Miyagi. My father was an artist and showed me how to mix paint when I was five. I taught myself how to create the images I perceive through my internal field of vision. I continue to experiment with materials in order to translate the inner images. Internal visions ordinarily appear after looking deeply into something such as the science of Physics or into life itself. My inspiration comes from the desire to translate the complex yet simple beauty and perfection of existence into a visual language.

A fifth circumstance that is unusual relates to how my art has been collected, exhibited and donated. I have shown the art only through invitations from museums, organizations and individuals. Some of my art has been donated in connection to the projects I have created. It is only recently that I have considered formal representation.

The International Peace projects I do are an extension of my art. The projects are based on concepts that are directed toward creating peace and common ground amongst people. My projects are opportunities for people to shift perceptions.