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Haydn Anthony  


Welcome to my website. It is a pleasure to introduce you to my art, words and projects.


My art is intended to strike a deep and fundamental chord of insight within the viewer. My aim is that the art, when viewed, should trigger an internal resonance leading to, at the most, some degree of expanded realization and at the least a sense of peace.

I began painting as an adult in order to explore the experience of Synesthesia. This is a phenomenon where there is a crossing of the senses. In my case it involves color and sound. These first paintings were exhibited throughout Asia.

My education has come from life. My vision and orientation emerge from a life changing experience I call The Event. The Event resulted in a realization of THAT WHICH IS BEYOND KNOWING. Such realization is real and concrete but cannot be translated in words. One can only point to it. I attempt to do this with art.

After The Event, images of archetypes began to occur in a spontaneous and vibrant way within my inner field of vision. These visions emerged over a period of approximately two years. Only a few of the visions were painted. These paintings called the ARCHETYPES are now held together as a group and will one day be placed as a collection through sale or donation.

Later, I used geometrics in an attempt to develop a visual language pointing toward THAT WHICH IS BEYOND KNOWING. These images were seen through the eye of inner vision. These paintings are called the GEOMETRICS.

The SPIRAL paintings and all other work are natural outcomes of internal images occurring in a natural and spontaneous way. The images are ‘visual imprints’ falling from THAT WHICH IS BEYOND KNOWING.

My attempt to understand The Event and the realization of THAT WHICH IS BEYOND KNOWING led me to practice direct inquiry. This realization and direct inquiry has made it unnecessary for me to be involved with a religion, formal teaching or teacher.

Because I advocate a rational form of spiritual inquiry, I have developed an interest in the cognitive and neurosciences. I believe research in these fields will lead to an understanding of what actually happened during The Event and will reveal what happens to any person when THAT WHICH IS BEYOND KNOWING is consciously realized. I do not see The Event as being simply mystical or spiritual any more than I see it being limited to a physical phenomenon generated by the brain alone. I believe it was a particular function of the brain and fine energy systems of the body reverberating with many other yet to be understood conditions that made it possible.


I began doing projects relating to Peace during the Vietnam conflict and the POW/MIA movement. Since then there have been many projects. Some of these can be seen on my BIO under PROJECTS. The most recent is an educational program based on conflict resolution and basic human values that I am developing for children.

The projects I do are Universal in nature and are structured in such a way as to be easily understood and able to be accepted by all cultures, races, religions and political orientations. My history includes global travel and interaction with individuals of diverse experiences and beliefs. It is toward an understanding of ourselves and our combined desire for Peace that my work is directed.

My non-profit 501(C)3 Charity: {GREAT HEARTS AFIRE FOUNDATION}

Haydn Anthony

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