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Portal #1 Portal #2 Portal #3 Portal #4 Portal #5 Portal #6 Portal #7



These seven giclee’ paintings are available to be placed in hospitals, wellness centers, hospice centers and healing environments.  12”X12” each. Canvas, acrylic, gold leaf, crystal stones.

These seven paintings called the "Portals" are visual tools. They are meant to be used as focal points when meditating or as icons for prayer. They may also facilitate physical, emotional and mental calming and centering when focused upon. A breathing exercise (shown below) can accompany the visual experience if desired.  The visuals and the breathing together are suggested but not required.

These paintings have been made into an animated video called "The Portals in Motion". This video is a tool created for individuals with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Anxiety, or Stress and for Relaxation.

Unlike other videos of patterns and colors, this presentation is timed and animated in such a way as to allow the mind and emotions to recalibrate.

A study on the effects of the paintings and of the video on people who view them is planned for the near future.  Neuroscientists will record what the brain is doing and other research will show what changes happen with heart rate.  Stay tuned for future information on this study.


DVD cover

A visual tool for PTSD, stress and meditation. Here the Portal paintings are set in motion along with music.

15 Minutes. $16.00 plus $4 shipping.

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Breathe in comfortably for a count of 4,

Breathe out comfortably for a count of 6,

Hold the breath for a count of 2.



These tools are not meant as a substitute for medical care or therapy.  No claims are made concerning their use. Haydn Anthony and anyone connected to the production and sale of the paintings or video is not  liable in any way for their use. 

The paintings and video © 2009 Haydn Anthony.